Event Guides – our exclusive service

EVENT CENTRIC is committed to ensuring that every event arranged is planned to the finest detail. The policy is simply to ensure the provision of "the perfect day out".

Sometimes we are asked just to provide the tickets for various events, but usually the real requirement is for much more than that.

While tour groups often have their own group leader, there are many occasions where it makes a deal of difference to the entire day if Event Centric ensures that one of our own Event Guides is permanently on the ground to assist at all times. The advantages of always being able to liaise with Event Centric and/or the booking agent for the group, allow for any kinds of problems to be solved, and any changes of plans made, in the best possible manner.

Sometimes groups like to be able to change their plans as the day unfolds. They may decide that they wish to travel in a different way to that originally envisaged by their Tour Operator. Sometimes they wish to change their next destination – often a Restaurant or other venue. In fact, anything can happen on a day out and, having our own guide on site, able to contact both Event Centric and the Tour Operator at all times, can make all the difference to the way that the event is remembered by all concerned!

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