Working with our exclusive partners, EVENT CENTRIC offers a range of security services, with personnel drawn from the most prestigious sectors of the UK security forces including UK Special Forces and Royal Marines. All of the staff we use are licensed to the highest standards by the Security Industry Authority, and have been subject to the most stringent vetting and background checks.

Whatever your needs – a chaperone for family members arriving and travelling within the UK, protection for individuals and groups travelling on business, security for events and functions, advice on staying safe at home and at work – Event Centric can look after you and your family or group, with services that include

  • close (personal) protection
  • residential security
  • maritime security
  • surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • security consultancy

You have our assurance of high quality staff who will look after you at all times, and who will ensure that everything you do runs smoothly and to plan –

the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

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